Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center

Manufacturing Composites Certificate

8 Weeks | 19.0 Credits | 40% Online - 60% Lab

About the Certificate

The Certificate in Manufacturing Composites provides the introduction to manufacturing safety and composites as used in aerospace and other industries.

The composites lab provides extensive hands-on projects including wet layup, using hot bonders, ply orientation, use of CFRP, curing with ovens, and introduction to autoclave operation. Each student completes projects ranging from 33 ply flat lay up to an I-Beam layup using a metal mold.

Skills learned in the Manufacturing Composites program can readily transfer to a variety of manufacturing fields including aerospace, maritime, construction, medical devices, space, automotive, and military/defense.

Topics Covered

  • Safety and shop cleaning procedures
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Hazardous waste handling, clean-up, and disposal
    • Tool and equipment safety
    • Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
    • Material Handling Safety
    • Electrical and Fire Safety
    • Workplace Safety
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Blueprint reading
  • Composites Repair I & II
  • COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures


  • Manufacturing Core Certificate must be completed to take this certificate.
  • Students must be over 18 years of age to participate in the lab portion of the course.
  • No pre-testing is required, including the Accuplacer test. 

Career Paths

Students completing this program are trained to work in manufacturing safety and composites for aerospace and other industries.  

Composite workers require an understanding of the unique safety required when working with composites as well as an understanding of how metal reacts in the presence of composite components. 

Sample of reported job titles: 

  • Composite Assembler
  • Composite Tech
  • Laminator
  • Process Tech
  • Procurement Agent
  • Plastic Assembler
  • Deburer
  • Resin Core Application Tech
  • Helpers-production workers


If you have questions about registration, please call 425.640.1840.