Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center

Manufacturing Assembly Mechanic Certificate

8 Weeks | 18.5 Credits | 50% Online - 50% Lab 

About the Certificate

Certificate in Manufacturing Assembly Mechanic provides advanced understanding of manufacturing procedures with a focus on aviation.

Since the job duties can vary widely, the assembly mechanic must possess an extensive knowledge of tools, processes. and inspection methodologies. 

Topics Covered

  • Safety procedures
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Hazardous waste handling, clean-up, and disposal
    • Tool and equipment safety
  • Mechanic Orientation
  • Power Island
  • Basic Drilling and Riveting
  • Advanced Fasteners
  • Countersinking and Flush Riveting
  • 90 Degree Drilling
  • Reaming and Permanent Fasteners
  • Wing Structure
  • Blueprint reading
  • Fuselage Skin
  • Drilling Titanium
  • Drilling Composite
  • Sealant Application
  • Electrical Bonding and Grounding
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • COVID-19 safety and cleaning procedures


  • The Manufacturing Core Certificate must be completed to take this certificate.
  • Students must be over 18 years of age to participate in the lab portion of the course.
  • NO pre-testing is required, including the Accuplacer test. 

Career Paths

Graduates of this program qualify for entry level positions as assembly mechanics. Assembly mechanics perform a wide range of job duties including assembly of aircraft, assembly of parts, and more.  

Graduates of the assembly mechanic program find jobs performing a broad range of activities from processing and fabrication to assembly and inspection.  Many of the skills obtained in the Manufacturing Assembly Mechanic program can readily transfer to a variety of manufacturing fields including aerospace, maritime, construction, medical devices, space, automotive, and military/defense. 

Sample of reported job titles: 

  • Sheet Metal Assembler and Riveter (SMAR)
  • Structures Technician
  • Helicopter Mechanic
  • Aircraft Line Assembler
  • Assembly Riveter
  • Helicopter Technician
  • Line Assembler
  • Structures Mechanic
  • Helpers-production workers


If you have questions about registration, please call 425.640.1840.