The cost of attendance includes all tuition that is due for the typical WATR Center 12-week program. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS-the tuition is the exact amount that you will be paying. 

2021–22 WATR Center Cost of Attendance

Tuition - Manufacturing Core Certificate

Pay for and pass the Manufacturing Core before paying for specialty certificate(s).

Tuition - Specialty Certificate


WATR Center Program Total Cost


+ $3,200 for each additional Specialty Certificate taken)


There are NO FEES. Everything is included in your tuition cost. 

How to Pay

Split it up into two easy payments!

1. Pay for the Manufacturing Core Certificate

2. Pay for your Specialty Certificate AFTER you pass the Manufacturing Core Certificate

3. Pay for each additional Specialty Certificate before class start date. Note: you are not required to take more than one Specialty Certificate during your time at the WATR Center. However, many students choose to take more than one specialty in order to broaden their skillset and increase employability. If you choose to take more than one specialty, you do NOT have to pay for the the Manufacturing Core additional times. Specialties also cannot be taken concurrently. 

Financial Assistance

There are many loan programs, scholarships, and organizations that would like to help you pay for your training. View them here.

Note: because WATR Center has short-term training programs, it is not eligible for FAFSA. However, Washington state specifically created the Aerospace Loan Program (ALP)  to help WATR students with financial aid.