Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center

Staff Directory


If you would like to contact any of our facilitators by phone, please call the main WATR Center line at 425.640.1840.

Name Title Phone Email
Antunez, Sergio Facilitator   sergio.antunez@edmonds.edu 
Chavez, Walter Facilitator   walter.chavez@edmonds.edu
Cianci, Damian IT Manager/ Facilitator   dcianci@edmonds.edu
Cluphf, Larry Executive Director 425.267.5738 larry.cluphf@edmonds.edu
Dersham, Shelia Associate Director 425.267.5777 shelia.dersham@edmonds.edu
Farnum, Bradley Facilitator   brad.farnum@edmonds.edu
Fisher, Cindy Student Services Coordinator 425.267.5711 cindy.fisher@edmonds.edu
Fronheiser, Ron Facilities Manager 425.267.5759 ron.fronheiser@edmonds.edu
Goebel, Dylan  Facilitator   dylan.goebel@edmonds.edu
Mack, Stephanie Program Manager 425.640.1840 stephanie.mack@edmonds.edu
Mackinnon, Fred Facilitator   fred.mackinnon@edmonds.edu
Pierotti, Rikki Associate Director 425.267.5731 rikki.pierotti@edmonds.edu
Wickline, Lacey Admin Services Manager 425.622.9142 lacey.wickline@edmonds.edu
Wilson, Brian Facilitator   brian.wilson@edmonds.edu
Werth, James Marketing Manager 425.267.5770 james.werth@edmonds.edu