Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center

Career Outlook

Washington's 1,450 aerospace and aerospace-related companies employ over 136,000 workers. 

Aerospace Future Forecast

  • Washington remains the nation's leader in the aerospace industry, employing nearly 20% of the nation's aerospace workforce. 
  • The Boeing Company has a backlog of 4,441 aircraft to fulfill, fueling the demand for skilled aerospace workers. 
  • As current Boeing employees approach retirement age, openings for skilled workers will significantly increase. 

Job Prospects

  • Statewide economic analysis indicates that the average annual wage for aerospace employees is nearly 50% higher than the state's overall average wage. 
  • Students in the identified aerospace programs were much more likely to be employed in aerospace and related industries than other community and technical college students.
  • Graduates of the identified programs make 36% greater earnings in aerospace than those working in non-aerospace industries.

Source: Aerospace Manufacturing Skills Supply, Demand and Outcomes for Washington's Aerospace                                    Training Programs Annual Report - 2016 (view full report)

Boeing Production Schedule

Real-Time Industry Status

Have some fun checking for yourself how aerospace in Washington is doing. Use the links below to see how many planes have been ordered and how many have been delivered.

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