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Electrical Assembly student 


You can register for classes in-person, online, by phone, or by fax. Both credit cards and other methods of payment are accepted. 


Step 1 Apply for Admissions to Edmonds college

Step 2 Pick the training program you wish to register for

Step 3  Search for your classes in CTC Link

Step 4  Check out and make your tuition payment online


Every student must apply and be accepted to Edmonds College before being able to register for classes. Once you are accepted, you will receive your ID number and be able to apply through CTCLink. 

Admissions Application

Minimum requirements to register for the program:

  • Manufacturing Core Certificate and Assessment must be completed to take this certificate.
  • Students must be over 18 years of age to participate in the lab portion of the course.
  • NO pre-testing is required, including the Accuplacer test. 


Every WATR Certificate program starts with the Manufacturing Core Certificate, which is a 4-week long introduction to Manufacturing and our programs.

The Manufacturing Core is available in Spanish (in-person) or English (online).

Once you have completed the Manufacturing Core, you can move on to your Specialty Certificate. 


  • Manufacturing Core Certificate
    • MFG 120 | MFG 105 | MFG 159
  • Electrical Assembly Mechanic Certificate  
    • MFG 121 | MFG 122 | MFG 101 | MFG 102
  • Manufacturing Assembly Mechanic Certificate  
    • MFG 110 | MFG 111 | MFG 112 | MFG 113 | MFG 127
  • Manufacturing Composites Certificate  
    • MFG 141 | MFG 142 | MFG 126 | MFG 190
  • Tooling Mechanic Certificate  
    • MFG 125 | MFG 130 | MFG 131 | MFG 132
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Certificate
    • MFG 123 | MFG 124 | MFG 169 | MFG 189

Credit cards and other forms of payment are accepted. If you have any questions about payments, please contact us at 425.640.1840 or watrc@edmonds.edu.

Financial assistance is available. 

Once you complete and pass the Manufacturing Core Certificate, register for your Specialty Certificate. 

You do not have to know which Specialty you will take before taking the Manufacturing Core.

You may take as many Specialty Certificates as you would like, but may only take one at a time. When you return to the WATR Center for further certificates, you will not have to retake the Manufacturing Core. 

Class Schedule Admissions Application  


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