Washington Aerospace Training & Research (WATR) Center

Getting Started

How it works

OneCheck the class schedule

  • Please check the class schedule for the most updated list of classes.
  • New courses start approximately every 30 days, so it is easy to find a certificate program that will work with your schedule!
  • Scheduling of the certificate programs is subject to change based upon the needs of our industry partners. This way, you can take programs that are currently in demand.

TwoStart with the Manufacturing Core Certificate

  • Every WATR certificate starts with theManufacturing Core Certificate.
  • The Manufacturing Core is offered in both English and in Spanish. 
  • The English Core is taken 100% online and the Spanish Core is instructor led and in-person.
  • Find a date for the Manufacturing Core Certificate that fits your schedule and register. 
  • You don't have to take a placement test. All courses and programs are administered by the WATR Center. (You also don't need to take placement tests or visit the Edmonds College campus.)

    Note:  If you have already completed a WATR program course and would like to take additional specialty course/s, the Core program is not required.

ThreePick a Specialty Certificate 

The WATR programs are self supported so they do not qualify for a payment plan that is allowed via campus credited classes. There are no refunds after the first day of class.

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