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Washington Aerospace Training & Research (WATR) Center

Retention Specialist

The primary objective of WATR Center's training programs is to teach skills that are in demand and industry- driven with the outcome of employment. Because of this, WATR Center employs a Retention Specialist. The Retention Specialist is responsible for building relationships with WATR students and past graduates in order to teach them how to articulate their new skills to potential employers, giving them their best chance to secure jobs in a competitive job market.

The Retention Specialist engages with students from orientation through graduation and beyond. During orientation, expectations are established and a plan is developed to support the student's individual career goals. The Retention Specialist has a relationship with employers, so they understand the workforce needs and how the hiring representatives conduct their recruiting activities. This gives them the ability to provide coaching to aid students when preparing resumes, applying for positions and interviewing for jobs. They help students assess their talents and experiences with a greater degree of honesty and integrity.


Basic job search assistance includes but is not limited to:

  • Resume Development and Customization
  • Behavioral Interviewing Techniques and Mock Interviews
  • Effective Job Search Strategies
  • Salary and Benefit Negotiation
  • Online Application Processes


One-on-one appointments may be scheduled by calling or emailing, Monday-Friday.

Cindy Fisher 

Retention Specialist



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